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Improve Company Communications with VoIP

Inefficient business processes waste hours each day, adding up to significant productivity losses throughout the year. While looking for solutions to gain new process efficiencies and lower operating costs, business leaders often overlook their internal communications systems. Poor communication tools and practices can lead to a combination of issues, none of which are good for…


3 Questions to Ask When Implementing Workflow Automation

Are you looking for better workflow solutions to improve productivity and save money for your organization? Workflow automation transforms established business processes for increased visibility, streamlined communication, and improved accuracy throughout your organization. Here are three questions to ask yourself when considering whether automated workflow solutions can help your business. Do you have established processes…

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Simplify Employee Onboarding with Document Management

Bringing new employees into the fold takes hours of red tape, filling out countless forms and sorting through tedious documentation. While HR departments repeat the same process for each employee, traditional methods still require several days or weeks to complete the onboarding process. However, the repetitive nature of new employee onboarding processes is what makes…

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A Look at VoIP Benefits for Your SMB

Is your business looking for a low-cost alternative to traditional landlines and cell phones? VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a reliable communications solution that eliminates your company’s need for expensive conventional systems, providing instead for real-time conversations via the internet. Read on if you’re curious about the advantages of VoIP for your SMB.…

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Valuable Workflow Solutions for the Utility Industry

Both small utilities and large-scale operations require 21st-century workflow solutions to maintain customer satisfaction and keep critical projects on schedule. Industry regulations and federal compliance mandates often place additional performance and security burdens on utilities. To keep up with demand, utilities can implement paperless document management and automated workflow solutions. Here’s how next-level workflow solutions…