Managed Print Services

Remote monitoring of Entire Print Environment

M-Files® is a powerful, metadata-powered enterprise content management (ECM) and managed print service that solves the problems of managing, finding, and tracking information in companies of all sizes. M-Files is easy to deploy, learn and use, and trusted by thousands of businesses in over 90 countries.

M-Files organizes everything based on what it is, so you never have to remember where a document is saved or which version in the right one. M-Files automated workflows streamline common business processes so you can stay productive and compliant.

Managed Print Services (MPS)

Whether you have 5 users or 5,000+ users, One Touch Office Technology has the perfect solution to eliminate waste, encourage responsible printing behavior, and make users/departments accountable for their usage of inkjet and laser printers with our managed print services.

  • Deliver proactive support for your companies print expenditure and equipment cost
  • Remove burden of dealing with laser printers, allowing your employees to focus on business
  • Single invoice and single point of contact for all printing needs
managed print services



Build on PaperCut NG Printing PLUS copy, scan and fax.


Print to a single global queue, walk up and collect at any device.


Ensure documents don’t start printing until user released.


Get full visibility of device activity from anywhere with our software.


Site servers deliver:

  • High availability of laser printers and copiers
  • Seamless failover during an outage, transparent reconnection once resolved
  • Easy installation into any multi-server environment and easy to retrofit to existing sites
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance requirements
  • Support to all PaperCut MFD solutions

Simple! build on the inbuilt printing support in iOS to track and/or charge the user who printed, enabling iPad printing in education without resulting in a free-for-all!

iPad Print support works by providing two key parts:

  • The Printer Advertiser – advertises the Apple CUPS printers managed using Bonjour/mDNS (so the iPads users can find the PaperCut controlled queues).
  • The  iOS App, providing support for print authentication, balance display, account selection and other features.

In addition to Email to Print, PaperCut offers dedicated cross platform mobile print management solutions for Android, Windows and other mobile devices:

  • Mobility Print for Android, iOS, ChromeOS, macOS and Windows BYOD and mobile devices
  • Web Print for Windows mobile devices
  • Google Cloud Print for Android, ChromeOS and iOS devices
  • PaperCut iOS printing for iPads, iPhones and other iOS devices

Print Archiving empowers approved administrators to browse and review the content of print activity within their environment. Alongside the powerful tracking and reporting functionality built into the software, this gives system administrators a wide range of auditing functions, such as:

  • Store an historic record of all printed content.
  • View past print jobs interactively in the browser.
  • Fined-grained control over access to archived content.
  • Download the original spool file for 100% fidelity when reprinting.
  • Enable or disable archiving on selected laser printers and users.

This software makes it easy to print directly from a computer to a laser printer without a print server. Businesses of any size can track and report on printing keeping configuration, administration and reporting simple.

One-Click Reports
Get access to the most important data in realtime – straight from your web browser, from anywhere on your network

Ad-Hoc Reports
Create reports with custom data by specifying date ranges, filtering and sorting by the data available. Great to give you different perspectives on printing usage

Schedule / Email Reports
Create reports that will be regularly generated and emailed to members of your organization or scheduled to be saved to disk. Great for sending regular reports to managers without even needing to compile it first

If you require more power than in-built filters and restrictions you can leverage Advanced Scripting. To make it easy to get started, advanced scripting comes with dozens of pre-written recipes. Looking at these is a great way to understand their power.

  • Display a popup message if a user forgets to select duplex on large jobs.
  • Show a dialog displaying environmental impact statistics about their job, such as, the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gases produced.
  • Prompt the user to confirm large jobs before printing.
  • Automatically route large jobs to more efficient high volume laser printers.
  • Giving discounts during off-peak times.
  • Least-cost routing – suggesting a more cost effective printer.
  • And much more…

Watermarking is a feature that allows you to print a small portion of text to the top or bottom margin of every page. Typical uses of watermarking include:

• Adding a username to the bottom of every page to help identify the owner.
• Writing job metadata in the footer such as print time, printer or document name.
• Applying a digital signature to help track and verify documents.

Reduce your organization’s capital expenditure by implementing the software in a private cloud hosted server environment.

Private Cloud helps your organization save on costs by:

    • Reducing or avoiding hardware purchasing, operating system licensing and associated costs.
    • Easily providing flexibility and scaling according to changing business needs.
    • Delivering a better quality of service, security and management at a cost-effective price.
    • Delegating site duplication, data syncing and recovery planning to the host provider.

This software is part of the new wave of applications that support all platforms equally. We believe that applications should not dictate your choice of operating systems. Therefore the software supports any combination of print servers and user workstations running under Windows, Linux, Mac or Novell OES that you already have running or might be planning to use in the future.

All platforms are treated equally. Releases are synchronized and all have the same feature set. Mac and Linux systems are native versions, not second class ports of a Windows application! Developing cross-platform software at this level is a large engineering investment. However it is something our development team is proud of and is a testament to our dedication to engineering excellence and modern forward-looking design.

Not only does it run on all operating systems on both the server and the workstation, it is also agnostic when it comes to your network environment. It will support the following directory environments as standard:

  • Windows Active Directory
  • LDAP
  • eDirectory
  • Apple Open Directory
  • Standard POSIX (PAM, NIS/Yellow Pages)
  • Samba
  • Workgroup-only environments

One of the primary aims  is to reduce printing levels by changing a user’s printing behavior. Implementing monitoring, quotas and charging are a good way of drawing a user’s attention to their habits. The topic of the environment, global warming, and waste management is currently an area of debate and interest to many. Highlighting the environmental aspects of their activities is another good way to modify a user’s behavior.

Environmental impact is expressed as three statistics:

  • Trees, or the number of trees that were expended to make the paper.
  • Carbon, or the CO2 equivalent in greenhouse gases released during the paper production.
  • Energy, or the energy used by the manufacturing process when producing the paper. This is expressed as the equivalent amount of time required to run a 60W incandescent light bulb, so as to be easier to understand.

Mobile Print Release allows users to release held jobs directly from their mobile device (smartphone or tablet). In environments where almost everyone has their own mobile device this is a convenient and cost effective alternative to physical release stations.

Designed to work on any modern smartphone or tablet such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android, anyone with a modern mobile device can access the application via their web browser. Specifically supported device operating systems / browsers include:

  • iPhone iOS 5 and newer (both iPhone and iPad)
  • Android ICS and newer (Chrome recommended)
  • Other modern mobile web browsers

The software brings its suite of print management features to organizations integrating Google Cloud Print (GCP).

The combination of the software and GCP enables and facilitates management of users with “Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD)” – Smartphones, Tablets, Chromebooks and Notebooks that do not connect exclusively to existing print networks.

This software augments the flexibility provided by Google Cloud Print by providing:

  • Print quotas for cost reduction and management, particularly useful with the growth of BYOD.
  • User and Printer level print tracking to monitor printing from cloud services.
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting delivering information on mobile and BYOD print activity.
  • Secure cloud app printing using job “hold & release” methods such as mobile print release.

Find Me printing solves the problem of finding the closest printer from a long list of available laser printers. It is a roaming print service that allows print jobs to find users based on their physical location. It is sometimes referred to as “Pull Printing”, “Push Printing” or “Follow Me” printing. It is a great solution for large sites operating a common printer fleet.

A completely platform-independent mobile Print Management solution, Email to Print allows any web-connected mobile and portable device to print documents simply by sending an email to your network’s laser printers.

  • Works with iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, macOS, Linux etc. devices – anything that can send an email with an attachment can be used.
  • Supports emails with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, common picture file formats including jpg, tig, gif and png as well as PDF attachments.
  • While Operating System print queue defaults are used, it is possible to set up multiple print queues for singular laser printers so they may use different default settings (eg. settings for single-sided as well as double-sided).

Users may allocate printing expenses to Shared Accounts using pop-up client software. Shared Accounts are accessible to multiple users.

Shared Accounts are accessible to multiple users. In professional organizations they may represent:

  • Clients or accounts
  • Project or phase
  • Client/matter
  • Department or cost center

The user web interface provides a range of functionality that empowers users to make the most of the software without requiring intervention from administrators. The user web interface allows users to do what they need for themselves, and quickly get back to what they were doing.

  • Features in the user web interface may be enabled or disabled as required. For example, the ability to transfer funds between users may be disabled, or minimum and maximum limits may be assigned.
  • The user web interface also provides the entry point for the Web Print module. This module allows users to print common document formats without needing cumbersome drivers for your laser printers. It makes managing ad hoc laptops that much easier.
  • Administrators may enable the online refund management system. This allows users to request refunds via a web form and administrators or office staff can quickly process these requests in a semi-automated deny/approve system.
  • The user web interface may be styled to match your organization or intranet pages. See the Customizable tour section for an example.
  • Use the payment gateway module to facilitate transfers from external sources such as credit cards or bank accounts.

If you would like to see this software in action, send us your contact information, let us schedule a demonstration for you!