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Both small utilities and large-scale operations require 21st-century workflow solutions to maintain customer satisfaction and keep critical projects on schedule. Industry regulations and federal compliance mandates often place additional performance and security burdens on utilities. To keep up with demand, utilities can implement paperless document management and automated workflow solutions.

Here’s how next-level workflow solutions can improve the processes that keep utilities running smoothly.

  1. Faster project completion — Documents drive any project and solutions that make them faster and easier to access add up to faster turnaround times. Engineers, technicians, compliance teams and administrators must be able to access, share, and collaborate on critical documents in real-time from any location or device. The benefits of automation include improved quality control, fewer process errors, and omissions, and a far better chance to complete projects within specified deadlines.
  2. Back-office processes — Workflow solutions that automate back-office processes like accounts payable and receivable can save utilities time and money. For example, team members can upload invoices and supporting documents into workflows to automate approval processes, eliminating the redundancies and missteps that cause delays. Automation also allows your utility to take advantage of early payment benefits and avoid costly late payment penalties.
  3. HR processes — In today’s compliance-heavy work environments, HR departments are frequent participants in the process. Requirements may include ongoing training, certification, and licensing for specialized fields. Workflow solutions that automate and track requirements relieve the burden from HR departments to manually manage and remind department managers and employees of pending conditions.
  4. Security — Every industry is rightly concerned about security. Workflow solutions that provide safe document capture, mobile printing, and data encryption are a critical part of the equation.

Utilities of all types and sizes can benefit from workflow automation. For solutions customized to fit your company’s requirements, get in touch with a team member at 1 Touch Office Technology today!

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