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Business Phone Systems in Torrance and Long Beach

The VoIP Communication Platform for the Future

Long Beach Business Phone Systems
Our VoIP and Business Phone Systems we provide for businesses in Long Beach and Torrance are designed for today’s modern office. Seamless communications with phone, network and workforce mobile devices are essential for the fast paced work force we operate in today. All the while keeping office communications secure.


Secure Web Administrator
With Allworx, we make sure you feel secure managing your business phone systems.

Voicemail to email
Access voicemail right from your inbox!

Seven Presence Settings
Automatically change your greeting and call route

Auto Attendants
Setting up or changing auto attendants is just a snap!


Make and receive calls just like in your office
See your colleague’s presence and status.
Search across the corporate directory, system extensions (e.g., call queues), and personal mobile contacts.
Tag and sort by favorite contacts.
Access parked calls and see call history.
Call into scheduled conference calls.
Automatically update your call routes based on your updated presence/status.

Add windows for Dial Pad, Call History, Contacts, Current Calls, Parked Calls, and Outside Lines; or hide them when not in use.
Enjoy one-click dialing, hold, transfer, park, and more. Access both system users and Outlook contacts.
See presence and status for al,system users.
Click to record individual calls or record all calls automatically.
External Program Link opens other web applications (e.g., CRM) with incoming calls so you don’t have to.
Agents can log in, log out, or update their busy status.Agents can easily see their queue performance from the Queue Status window.

Queue management features can help you customize your welcome greeting, periodic status messages while callers are waiting and prioritizes the queues when the agents are working more than one queue.

Supervisors can monitor agents in three call modes, barge, whisper and/ or silent monitor.

Agents can login and logout or update their busy status and get queue alarms notifications on the phone ACD real time dashboard.

Global access across all sites
Extension dialing, call transfer, and call park across all sites
Global directory
Global voicemail
Real-Time user presence and status
Shared auto attendance
Elimination of inter-office long distance and local call charges

Create, save, and share call activity reports on demand or auto-schedule them for email distribution
Choose from seven intuitive call activity report templates with advanced data filters.
Export call activity reports to PDF or CSV files
Manage the information shared based on each user’s performance level
Access reports and dashboards via any web or mobile browsers on any device

With all of the challenges facing technology management today, regular backups are required to minimize risk.  The OfficeSafe is designed to facilitate automated backups of all your data and application files for all of your locations.

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