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Organizations need a range of business services to support their day to day operations. In the past, this meant working with a long list of separate service providers in order to cover all your bases. Often times, these services and technologies overlap adding more layers of communication between multiple vendors.

Our goal is to make your business processes run seamlessly, which is why we’ve transformed the traditional strategy by focusing on becoming a single-source for our clients business services.

And, all of this is delivered with a focus on streamlining operational efficiency while at the same time providing superior customer service.

Below are key services we offer, if you have any questions about how we can help, please contact us today!

Internet & Phone
(Dial Tone) Service

Communication is the backbone of your day to day operations. Make sure you have the right internet and phone system in place to keep your business running at speed.

We provide everything your need for high-speed internet and phone service, including equipment, installation and our world class technical support that clients have come to know us for. 

Print Services

Take control of your printing and office equipment expenses with our managed print services. We start with a detailed assessment that let’s us discover your actual printing needs.

This valuable information lets our team tailor a custom print program based on your usage, while providing you with a performance guarantee and superior customer service.

We also offer Copier Rentals

Records Management
& Storage Services

Real estate is at a premium, but so is access to physical records when you need them. Stop storing files in your workspace and take advantage of our records management services.

We arrange secure pickup, handling and storage of your documents in our state of the art facility. We can even provide document destruction for records that have met their end of life requirements.

Scanning Services

When you have mountains of files that need to be converted into digital format, our scanning services are the right solution. We can quickly, and accurately scan your records using our high-speed scanners.

Once your files are converted, our technicians will migrate the content into your existing document management system. If you don’t have a document management system in place, we can help you to select the right one. 

Production Printing &
Outsourced Print Service

Production printing involves expensive equipment, experienced staff and resources. If you have production printing needs and would like professional help,  our team is ready.

We’ve invested in creating a production print facility to support our clients when they’re facilities are down for maintenance, or simply need faster turnaround times that exceeds their current capabilities.

IT Services

We understand your IT challenges. That’s why we offer a wide range of IT solutions that are scalable, flexible, and cost-effective.

Whether you need add-on services to assist your internal IT department, or a partner capable of complete IT management, 1 Touch Office Technology has the expertise and tools you need to support your hardware, software, applications, and more.

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