Ricoh Multi-Function Copiers and Printers

Multi-functional printers save more space, making them valuable in small offices. In most modern offices, quality print of documents only is not enough. It is about bringing all your printing needs into one device. Modern industries require scanning services more than copying and printing for convenient storage and retrieval needs. Scanning is becoming a necessity because of storage, security, retrieval, quality, editing, indexed filing and smooth flow of information in organizations.

Ricoh shine in the printing and photocopy business since 1955, and remains the industry leader in information technology services, document management solutions, industrial and commercial printing. They deliver dynamic machines with a focus on quality prints, scans and copies for unique purposes. Ricoh copiers evaluate the modern needs of businesses and deliver laser-focused solutions that ensure client satisfaction. Modern offices and businesses demand secure storage and easy retrieval of documents without compromising quality.

Ricoh’s Multifunction Printer (MFP) offers quality services based on input functions. Input functions depend on why you need to scan, what you are going to do with the scan, where you are going to store, how you are going to find it and who needs to access it.

Ricoh considers quality, security, and access based on individual or organizational needs. For example, if the documents you are scanning will require editing, consider Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that converts a scanned image to document.

Why Choose Ricoh Copiers and Printers?

Ricoh’s MFPs are versatile and economical, which is ideal for demanding offices with heavy workloads. Ricoh is a one-stop solution for smarter printing, copying and faxing. For small and medium offices running on a small budget, MFP has lower operating costs because of its eco-performance that saves energy. Here are the advantages of using Ricoh copiers in your business or organization.


Excellent quality

Quality is not an option in presenting organizational documents. High-quality prints define your brand and business. They could be the first impression people see about your business; therefore, it matters a lot to paint a pleasant picture for their first impression. Clients also read how you value them and how you care about them.

Ricoh’s Intelligent Multifunction (IM) series has a broad range of updates made to the device as needed. The intelligent devices grow with your business by creating updates and making them available for your download anytime you need them. They deliver unparalleled quality print out with inherent secure and suitable operation. The intelligent device guarantees the best print results in a form of sharp text and original color without saturation. With the adjustable quality and color tone, it can correct the hue of digital images.

 User-friendly, smart operation

A good technology is useless if it is difficult to learn how to use it. User-friendly devices cut on organizational costs of training employees.

The IM copier device has a user-friendly Smart Operation Panel with a smartphone-like touch interface, making it familiar and intuitive. The panel is consistent across all Ricoh devices, meaning once you learn to use one device, you can use the rest. In addition, flexible customization enables you to add your company logo and personalize the panel to create quick navigation to frequently used functions.

To remain competitive, modern businesses must be up to date, innovative, productive in offering services to customers. There is a need for sophisticated technology and user-friendly machines to drive businesses and maintain a competitive edge. Ricoh intelligent devices have made digital and print technology easier by giving users the ability to access the latest updates as they come.

Swift technical support

Organizations go through long downtime hours when machines develop hitches. A quick response to mechanical problems increases the productivity of your business.

Ricoh IM has a Remote Connect Support solution that enables the support team to access your Ricoh devices in your workplace for quick fixes to reduce downtime. The support specialist can remotely guide the user on how to use the device or conveniently operate the Smart Operation Panel remotely.

Ricoh devices have unrivaled security

The IM technology ensures the protection of devices with the latest security features. The in-built security features enable the copiers to access data without affecting functionality and productivity.

The Ricoh MP series such as C3003/MP, C3503/MP, C4503/MP, C5503/MP, and C6003 have user authentication that prevents unauthorized access. You can safely store documents at the MFP until you enter password to release them. In case of attempted copy by unauthorized users, the device adds a watermark and Encrypted PDF secures data on confidential PDF to keep them safe. Also, the MFP has Data Overwrite Security System (DOSS) that renders files on the hard drive unreadable, which protects data against hackers.

Smooth functionality

IM devices provide a hub of your organization or business document management solution. It enables you to scan and save your documents for swift and secure access anywhere, anytime. Fitted with The Ricoh Smart Device Connector, mobile devices can seamlessly print, scan and access documents in any location.

The MFP series delivers outstanding quality both monochrome and output color. Ricoh MP are versatile devices that easily complete the hardest tasks. They are efficient with a flexible full-color control panel that enables users to navigate to customization settings conveniently. Most of the MP devices have a synchronized LED light problem- identifiers and instructional operations that ensure efficiency and less delay for common problems such as paper shortage or toners.

Ricoh IM comes with Smart Operating Panel (SOP) and the latest user interface that enhances productivity for a busy environment. Ricoh EZ Plus 2.0 innovative application technology enables full customization of materials for printing with the use of massive editing tools from the application. Also, it has Ricoh Smart Integration that enables users to scan directly with e-storage cloud, which includes Google Drive, OneDrive, Office 365, Dropbox; giving users efficient storage and easy access to their files anywhere, anytime.

The IM copiers have two copy modes, default and all-view copy modes. All-view copy mode is user-friendly and essential for its video guidance feature. The smart pop-up “play movie” feature enables new users to discover problems and follow the steps easily, for example, in replacing toners.

The Rico’s new intelligent machines offer faster scans and efficient machine operation. Replacement of parts is easy with plug and play support and has enhanced toner yield and a customizable layout user interface screen.

Fast and reliable production

The Ricoh MP series is one of the finest copying, printing, scanning, and faxing Ricoh’s devices. They are ideal for commercial production services offering high paper capacity (up to 4,700 sheets). Ricoh MP models in the series are multi-functional, user friendly and maintain the clarity of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, including A3 size prints.


MFP are eco-friendly with staple-less printing options and a low power sleep mode. They are environmentally friendly fitted with the human detection sensor that auto warms up the printer as you approach. Ricoh machines use one set of supplies since one device serves different functions. You do not have to stock toners for different units which ensures little disposable wastes which save on environmental wastes.

Ricoh devices are convenient to use

Ricoh is a hub of your organization or business document management solution. It enables you to digitalize your documents for swift and secure access anywhere, anytime.

Ricoh MP Series prints from smartphones, tablets and laptops without printer driver’s installation. You can install the Ricoh HotSpot server software to improve mobile printing without affecting data, documents and user security. It also enables users to print a variety of documents such as JPEGs, PDFs, TIFFs directly from a USB drive or SD card without external applications.

Flexible display technology

Ricoh MP series comes with optional 10.1” wide Super VGA Smart Operational operating like modern smartphones and tablets. The efficient swipe scrolling and drag-and-drop features enable users to switch tasks with comfort. The widget updates on the date, time and toner levels ensure convenience and keep users always updated.

They perform multiple tasks

Ricoh’s devices have a wide range of controls for convenient system management, troubleshooting and device monitoring. With a web browser, users can access system settings and configure an entire set of Ricoh devices right from one computer. Users receive alerts and updates concerning low supplies, firmware updates and the ability to automate meter reads for maximum administrative efficiency.

They are cost-effective

Multi-functional printers serve many functions that could have been costly if you purchase each of them. For instance, you save money for buying an all-in-one printer instead of having independent scanner, printer, copier and fax machine.

Also, Ricoh SP series models are affordable and offer scans, fax, and prints A4 sizes. they are best suited for small businesses that require low volumes of work although they can’t match the IM and MP Series in printing speed.

Ricoh SP 210 Series are sleek and compact, making them portable and fit anywhere. Any user easily operated them, and are suitable for a small office. The Ricoh’s MFP technology enables the SP 210 series to have a streamlined paper path for efficiency and minimal paper jams. They have a speed of 22 pages per minute for A4 and 23 pages per minute at a resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi, which is an exceptional quality on an average page. SP Series are compact, with a stylish design and you can squeeze anywhere, giving more room in a small office. The printer is fan-less, leaving a quiet environment in an office.

Ricoh SP 310 series is compact and with a large paper capacity of up to 250 sheets. Ricoh conveniently designed it to open from the front for both toner and paper replacement. It prints up to 28 pages per minute at a resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi for high-quality images on every page. The copiers are extremely productive in small and medium offices, with a durability of 200,000 pages. With the automatic duplex, SP 310 series saves on paper and improves productivity.


Ricoh Copiers and Printers offers versatile devices that enable businesses to stay up-to-date without upgrading hardware. Users can update their devices with one-click to access the latest functionality and features. With easy customization, businesses and organizations can personalize operations to suit their needs.

Ricoh offers latest security protection features to address the current business security concerns. Also, the Ricoh MFP is a significant innovation that enables users to perform printing operations with their mobile phones and tablets. Small businesses can save on space with the MFP without compromising printing, scanning, photocopying and faxing services.